About the Centre

The Centre was established at UWA in 2017, in recognition of the need to better understand how values relate to challenging and significant research problems in society. The Centre aims to:

1. Research

Promote innovative interdisciplinary research that expands knowledge about values and how they relate to significant and important social issues.

2. Partnerships

Encourage partnerships between academia, industry and government to produce relevant and timely solutions to important social issues.

3. Training

Provide a high quality training environment for researchers, educators and organisations.

Professor Julie Ann Lee

Centre Director

Julie is a Professor of Marketing at the UWA Business School, University of Western Australia. Prior to this, she was a faculty member at the University of Hawaii and University of Miami. She completed her PhD at the University of Illinois in 1996.

Julie’s research focuses on human and cultural values and the way they are expressed individually and in society. Her interests extend to the theory, measurement and application of values across the human lifespan. To enable this research, she worked with collaborators to develop and publish several innovative and effective scales designed to measure values in adults and young children. The most recent is featured on The Values Project.

She is currently Chief Investigator on two Australian Research Centre (ARC) Linkage Projects, involving the study of values.

LP150100434Dynamic relations between values and consumer behaviour: age and life-stage” was awarded $510,247 from the ARC, in partnership with Pureprofile and researchers from Royal Holloway University of London, UK, Vrije University, the Netherlands, and the University of Queensland.

This Project aims to understand the complex relations between people’s life goals and their consumption behaviour; exploring age, life-stage and cohort effects. 

LP150100266Improving zoo/aquarium conservation learning outcomes: a values approach” was awarded $236,822 from the ARC, in partnership with 12 zoos and aquariums and the University of Queensland. This Project aims to investigate the influence of visitor’s values on their environmental learning and adoption of conservation actions.

Julie has published widely prestigious international Journals, such as the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Tourism Management and Assessment. She has also published two significant books: Marketing Across Cultures (6th Edition) with Jean-Claude Usunier and International and Cross-Cultural Business Research with Jean-Claude Usunier and Hester van Herk.

Dr Joanne Sneddon

Centre Deputy Director

Joanne Sneddon is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Western Australia (UWA). Joanne holds a PhD (2009) in management from the University of Western Australia.

She studied management at Durham University and Curtin University. After obtaining her Master of Commerce and MBA she worked as a researcher at the Department of Agriculture and a lecturer in entrepreneurship at UWA.

Joanne’s research examines prosocial and ethical consumer behaviour and how personal values impact these behaviours. Her research has been published in journals including Assessment, Personality and Individual Differences and Annals of Tourism Research.

Over the past fifteen years, Joanne has been engaged in a series of research projects and consultancies for national and state scientific research agencies including the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, the Department of Agriculture and Food, the Department of Land Information, the E H Graham Centre and the new Cooperative Research Centre for sheep. Joanne also consults to Australian rural research and development corporations, Australian Wool Innovation and Meat and Livestock Australia, on innovation and research management issues.

In addition to her research work, Joanne was employed as a program manager for the Entrepreneurship and Business Development Unit at the Curtin Business School, and was engaged in the design and coordination of training and development programs for owner-managers. Prior to working in academia, Joanne managed M&K Marketing Services, a textile point-of-sale manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

Dr Uwana Evers

Centre Research Associate

Uwana is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the UWA Business School, University of Western Australia. She is a BPS Chartered Psychologist, and has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Wollongong. Uwana’s PhD research centred on the development, implementation and evaluation of a health-related social marketing campaign.

Her current research focuses on personal values and their impact on consumer behaviours, including sustainable living, prosocial behaviour, and charitable giving. She is especially interested in examining behaviour across cultures. She has expertise in marketing research and social marketing.

Prior to her current academic post, Uwana spent a year in London working as a Psychology Research Analyst at Thomas International, a psychometrics company.

She spent time with academics at University College London and University of Hertfordshire working on projects in health, educational, and dance psychology.

She has presented at numerous international conferences including International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP), World Social Marketing Conference (WSMC), and the Australian & New Zealand Marketing Association Conference (ANZMAC) and her research has been published in prestigious journals including BMC Public Health, Patient Education & Counseling, and Tourism Management.

Sheng Ye

Centre Research Associate

Sheng Ye recently completed her PhD at the University of Western Australia under the supervision of Profs Julie Lee, Geoffrey Soutar and Dr Joanne Sneddon. 

Her thesis focuses on the projection of values to others, including non-human entities. She has published her work in several prestigious international journals including Tourism Management and Personality and Individual Differences.

Maryann Evetts

Centre Manager

Maryann comes to the Centre with a wealth of management and small business experience.

She coordinates the daily operations of the Centre and works in partnership with the Centre’s researchers to ensure the Centre’s effective, efficient and sustainable functioning.


The Centre for Human and Cultural Values focuses on research and training in understanding and appreciation of the variety of human and cultural values and how they relate to big social issues in society.