Business and Government

We work collaboratively with organisations and government bodies on applying personal, organisation and cultural values to make better decisions about important social issues.

We are actively looking for organisations to partner with researchers on the following projects:

  • How children’s values impact social, academic and health outcomes.
  • How personal values impact beliefs, attitudes and behaviour toward social issues, including the environment, and minority or disadvantaged groups.
  • How personal values impact giving (time, talent and money) to specific causes and satisfaction with giving to those causes.
  • How values impact interpretation and understanding of ambiguous information.
  • How values impact purchasing behaviour toward specific products and brands.
  • How values and value congruence impact employees in the workplace.
Current Partners
Values are fundamental to all of us – connecting us as human beings and, at other times, highlighting our differences.

Values form the core motivation behind our behaviour and ultimately translate into our lifestyle choices and actions as consumers. Why do we identify with one brand over another? Do we buy local or imported goods? Do we drive a petrol, hybrid or electric car? Where do we choose to live?

The Values Project is a unique joint initiative between Pureprofile, the University of Western Australia and the Australian Research Council. This has been a passion project for Julie and myself, which is many years in the planning. We believe this has the potential to have an extremely positive impact on our understanding of each other as Australians, and as global citizens, and that it will make a powerful contribution around how brands develop and deliver values-aligned products and services.

At Pureprofile, we are thrilled to partner with the UWA and some of the smartest and most dedicated minds in the education sector to build a values-based profile platform of global scale, so that individuals and corporations can explore what matters most to them, and how their values impact the choices they make. We look forward to sharing our insights along the journey.

Paul Chan, Founder Pureprofile 

The Centre for Human and Cultural Values focuses on research and training in understanding and appreciation of the variety of human and cultural values and how they relate to big social issues in society.