Educators and Schools

We work with educators to better understand children’s, adolescent’s and teachers values and how they relate to social, academic and health outcomes.

We have developed modules targeted at:

  1. Teachers’ professional development in understanding the range of children’s values and how the classroom environment can be used to help motivate students with very different motivational goals.
  2. Students’ understanding of diversity and how their own and other’s values impact their judgements and behaviours.

Enquire about the Children’s Value Survey.

Our unique animated children’s values survey is used to survey students in a classroom setting on iPads and computers. Feedback is given to students, teachers and schools as part of our children’s values research project.

This is a great way for schools to teach children about their own values and those of other children. We conduct Professional Development on children’s values for teachers in primary and high schools.


School Partners
We have been working with a number of schools in Western Australia to better understand children’s values, including:
  • Wembley Primary School, Wembley, Western Australia
  • St John’s Primary School, Scarborough, Western Australia
  • Boyanup Primary School, Boyanup, Western Australia

We would like to thank them for their support.

If you would like to be involved in our schools’ program, please contact us.

The Centre for Human and Cultural Values focuses on research and training in understanding and appreciation of the variety of human and cultural values and how they relate to big social issues in society.